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This page is dedicated to the different projects that I have worked on over the last three years. Within this page you will see various artifacts from different projects that I have been a part of. Please be sure to check out the subpage titled "EMIT Life" to see a large scale project I was the lead designer on. Also, check out "Research" to view a research presentation I created.

PLUG Profile Card

I was recently tasked with designing a new profile card for users when sharing their profile and when viewing it themselves. My goal was to create something modern and sleek. 

User Profile - Mobile Screen.png

COVID-19 Tracking Dashboard

This dashboard was created as a way to display the actionable and relevant data collected through research


SkyMedia Landing Page

The goal of this project was to create a landing page that focused on the balance and scale of visual signals.


Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Redesign

The goal of this project was to establish continuity in type.


LinkedIn Sitemap

This is a sitemap for LinkedIn that I created. The purpose of a sitemap is to allow the visualization of how individual webpages or site sections are related to each other.

LinkedIn Sitemap.jpg

Airbnb User Flows

This is an example of user flow while booking a rental using Airbnb. The user flow lays out the user's movement through the product, mapping out each the user takes—from entry point right through to the final interaction.

airbnbUser Flow_edited.jpg
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